Roots of ASPEP

We are extremely proud to acknowledge 60 years of serving the professional Lockheed Martin and L3 Technologies. Inc. southern NJ engineering community.

During the summer of 1944, engineers at the Camden, NJ facilities of Radio Corporation of America (RCA) attempted to create a consultative board that could represent the engineers in discussions with management. It was envisioned that this group would serve as a "sounding board", giving and taking recommendations, handling individual grievances, and generally working to the mutual benefit; without formal recognition as a collective bargaining unit.

It was quickly apparent, however, that the Company would not deal with an organization of engineers unless it was officially accredited by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as a legally sanctioned labor association. Once the engineers were apprised of this situation, they set out to form a completely independent bargaining agency, restricted exclusively to engineers.

To this end, a committee was set up to lay the groundwork for such an organization. After a majority of RCA Camden engineers had signed authorization cards, a referendum vote was taken on the constitution. A favorable outcome resulted in formation of the Association of Professional Engineering Personnel (APEP) on December 11, 1944.

A petition was transmitted to the NLRB and to the Company requesting recognition of APEP as the sole collective bargaining agency for the research, design, and development engineers at the RCA Camden plant. When a cross-check of eligible membership showed that over two-thirds were members, the NLRB formally certified APEP as the "sole collective bargaining agent" for all the engineers at the Camden plant of the RCA Victor Division of the Radio Corporation of America. The effective recognition date was January 25, 1945.

In March 1945, the negotiations were initiated between APEP and the Company to formulate a contract. These negotiations lasted more than a year. The U.S. Conciliation Service was utilized at the conclusion of negotiations. A contract was signed on March 28, 1946.

1944 - Founded as APEP
1945 - Certified by Federal Government
1946 - First Contract with RCA Corporation
1961 - Name Changed to ASPEP (to include Scientists)
1967 - Instrumental in Establishing the Council of Engineers and Scientists Organization (CESO)
1989 - First Contract with General Electric Corporation
1994 - First Contract with Martin Marietta Corporation
1995 - First Contract with Lockheed Martin Corporation
1997 - Lockheed Martin Communications System - Camden becomes part of L3 Communications, resulting in first Multi-Corporation ASPEP Representation
1998 - First Contract with L3 Communication Systems-East
1999 - Second Contract with Lockheed Martin Corporation
2001 - Second Contract with L3 Communication Systems-East
2002 - Third Contract with Lockheed Martin Corporation
2005 - Third Contract with L3 Communications Systems-East
2006 - Fourth Contract with Lockheed Martin Corporation
2009 - Fourth Contract with L3 Communication Systems-East
2010 - Fifth Contract with Lockheed Martin Corporation