Nissa Kuranaruk

Recording Secretary

  • AMES, Lockheed Martin RMS, Hardware Engineering, Component Engineer
  • ASPEP Member: 3 Years, 10 Months (Formerly Services Engineer)
  • Negotiations Committee 2019 Member for ASPEP Services
  • Council Representative: Group 91, previously Alternate Council Rep for Group 80
  • AS Engineering: Delaware County Community College
  • BSEE: Temple University
Nissa Kuranaruk



A short history:

I started in the Lockheed Martin RMS world as a Services Engineer, the first hired under ASPEP represented Engineering Services
(even before there was an official ASPEP ES Grievance Chair). Shortly after, I became the Alternate Council Rep for my initial
services group. For being an active member within my own group, I was able to support the first negotiations for ASPEP Engineering
Services in 2019. During my time serving as a Negotiations Committee member, I then accepted a job offer to a new position that was
represented by Core ASPEP. I was asked if I was interested in becoming the Council Rep for my new group (per location) and was
pleased to accept.

Throughout my time as an ASPEP member, I have attended almost all the Council Rep meetings. I also take great joy in helping others
with problems and questions. I always greatly appreciated that there was a group as ASPEP to support engineers and want nothing more
than to take part in such a positive force. Looking back, I was pleasantly surprised by all the knowledge that I gained, which proved useful
for helping my fellow engineers when they would seek help. This knowledge, combined with empathy, allowed me to effectively help those
around me.

Why choose me for Recording Secretary?

I have a strong attention to detail and have taken notes in many ways, from taking orders in customer service, to working for LM and
maintaining meeting minutes. I remain efficient by always taking the time to improve the methods I use to record information, and I
have received many compliments regarding my notes.

Though I have only been with Lockheed Martin for a little under four years, I have experienced both Services and Core ASPEP realities
and share the struggles and joys of both. It will be my pleasure to serve you as the Recording Secretary of ASPEP. If given the opportunity,
I will do my best to fulfill my duties and grow with the rest of the group and supporters.


Nissa Kuranaruk