Kyle Ginter

 Executive Board Position: L3Harris Membership Chairperson


• MES - Systems Engineering
o Current assignment – TRIYLTE
• Engineer at CS-East since 2016
o Co-Op in 2015
• Graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick in 2016
o Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Software
• Associate of (ISC)2
o Passed my CISSP exam on December 13th, 2019




The first day on the job can be an overwhelming experience for new hires. You are immediately handed a surplus of information and trainings from HR, Security, and your manager. By the time you get back to your desk, you don’t remember how you got there, or more importantly, where is the bathroom!? I went through this process just under 4 years ago, and it can seem overwhelming if you don’t feel like you have someone to reach out to.

Just this past year I was given notice by my manager that there was a new hire that was joining our team, and he elected me to show him around and answer any questions as he got settled in his first few weeks on the job. I feel that this gave me an opportunity similar to what I would experience as the Membership Chairperson.

In addition to this, I have had the opportunity over the past month to sit in on a few ASPEP introduction lunches with new hires. This allowed me to get first-hand experience on what the key items of interest are for new hires, and what answers ASPEP can provide them.

As Membership Chairperson, should I be elected, I am aware that I will have a seat on the L3 Negotiating Committee for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2021-2025. I am fully prepared for the time and dedication it takes to research and negotiate the best possible outcome that ensures that the engineers are represented fairly.

In summary, I feel that I am the right person for the job because I already have experience working with new hires as they settle into their new jobs. I believe that I have a nice, welcoming, easy-to-talk-to personality, which is important in making new hires feel comfortable when first introduced to ASPEP. I am confident that I will be able to present new hires with all of the important benefits that ASPEP provides, in effort to persuade them to become dues paying members.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the L3H engineering community as the MembershipChairperson. Thank you for your support.