ADPAC Mission Statement:

To educate, legislate on behalf of aerospace and defense employees, promote economic and social advancement, work for good government, and assure national pursuit of technological developments deemed critical to strengthening our economy and advancing the standard of living for all aerospace and defense employees.

ADPAC'S Committment:

ADPAC is proactively committed to educating our national legislators about the needs of the aerospace and defense industry, improving the quality of their decision making process; and emphasizing that America's aerospace, defense, and technological superiority should be a higher-than-ever national priority.

Across the nation, we must compete for funding with hundreds of lobbyists representing scores of U.S. industries. We cannot afford to become complacent! 

If you have not already done so, please complete a membership card and forward it to the office. Your payroll-deducted contributions will greatly enhance your prospects for a productive career as an industrially employed engineer.


All Lockheed Martin and L3 Harris employees in the Moorestown - Camden, NJ area are eligible for ADPAC membership.


Voluntary; at a level of contribution that you pick for yourself.

Reasons for Joining ADPAC

  • Without the financial resources of ADPAC, we would not be in a position to present our views to the elected officials of the U.S Senate and House. Simply casting our ballots at election time is not enough. The complexities of the government process demand a greater degree of participation. 
  • ADPAC is committed to keeping our national legislators informed about the aerospace and defense industry programs directly related to our employment outlook. 
  • Use of ASPEP funds for political contributions is prohibited by federal law. ADPAC funds may be used to ensure our messages are heard by the decision makers in Washington. 
  • ADPAC is the legal means for you and your fellow engineering colleagues to collectively contact, educate and influence our friends on Capitol Hill to support those high priority programs essential to achieving our long term goals. 


If you are employed at either Lockheed Martin - Moorestown or L3Harris, but not a member, it's easy to join.  Just complete a membership card and payroll deduction authorization application available from: any ASPEP Councilperson or Executive Board member, the LM RMS HR forms bins, . Both you and ADPAC will be glad you did!


Contacting ADPAC:

Phone:  (856) 616-8812; Fax: (856) 616-8814

1236 Brace Road
Suite G 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

E-Mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.