About Us:

ASPEP Purpose:

To protect and enhance the professional status of Lockheed Martin and L3 Harris scientists and engineers in the Camden, Cherry Hill and Moorestown, NJ area, as well as the welfare and professional interests of its members.


All Lockheed Martin and L3 Harris. employees in the Camden, Cherry Hill, and Moorestown, NJ area identified as part of the ASPEP bargaining unit (as defined in the current ASPEP/Company Agreements) are eligible for ASPEP membership.

Reasons for Joining ASPEP:

  1. Only dues-paying ASPEP members have a say in:

    * Shaping the ASPEP/Company Agreement that impacts the careers of all bargaining unit engineers, and

    *Ultimately approving or rejecting any proposed contract agreement.

    It's only through the efforts and contributions of past and current members that ASPEP has successfully negotiated a legally binding contractual agreement containing: annual merit reviews and wage increases; overtime compensation; a formal grievance procedure, including arbitration rights; a seniority system that incorporates education and professional experience, as well as years with the Company.

  2. In addition, only ASPEP members are entitled to receive: an annual salary survey, written communications on matters of importance, membership discounts on local products and services, and EMAP benefits


National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for Company Research, Design, and Development Engineers in the Camden, NJ, area.


  • Founded in 1944
  • First contract with RCA-1946
  • First contract with GE-1989
  • First contract with Martin Marietta -1994
  • First contract with Lockheed Martin -1995
  • First contract with L-3 Communication -1998.


Voluntary; Over 80 Council Groups, each comprising of 10-50 members co-located in common areas of Company facilities.


ASPEP consists of three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, which are staffed by engineers who volunteer their efforts:

EXECUTIVE: Executive Board consists of four annually-elected Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary) and Members (Location Membership Chairpersons, Location Grievance Chairpersons, and Member-at-Large).

LEGISLATIVE: Council consists of two annually-elected representatives (Councilperson and Alternate) from each Council Group.

JUDICIAL: Board of Review appointed by Executive Board and approved by Council


The democratic representational organization of ASPEP includes volunteers who serve on various functional committees that are endorsed by Council, appointed by the Executive Board, or both.

  • Council-endorsed committees include: Grievance, Negotiating, and Board of Review.
  • Executive Board-appointed committees include: Constitution and By-Laws Revision, Budget, Membership, and Coordinating.
  • Special Committees, which may be appointed by the Executive Board or Council to assist in the conduct of Association business.


ASPEP members are participants in an organization that has been certified by the NLRB since 1945 to engage in collective bargaining with Lockheed Martin RMS, Moorestown, NJ, (including Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs and Lockheed Martin Collaboration and Integration, in Cherry Hill, NJ) and L3 Harris, Camden, NJ.

The negotiated and membership-approved contracts between ASPEP and the Companies provide all terms and conditions of employment for the duration of the contracts.