Lee Fleisher

OCCUPATION: PMES, Technical Staff, C3I COE
COMPANY: Lockheed Martin MST
  • BS Mathematics Carnegie Mellon University, 1973
  • MBA Temple University 1978, Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Started with RCA in August 1976
  • Systems Engineering background with technical leadership roles on early Aegis Baselines, Aegis FMS to Japan, DDG 1000, and Several Major Proposals including DD(X) and LCS
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • INCOSE Expert Certified Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP)
  • Systems Engineering Instructor
  • 37 ½ Years professional experience
  • 25 Years Management Experience

ASPEP Service History:
Councilperson late 1970s with ½ year on Grievance Committee
Councilperson late 2000s
ASPEP Member all Eligible Years
Participated in four ASPEP Contract Negotiation Sessions (management)


The Department of Defense saw growth last year and more is expected this year. Our workload at LM has been growing and L3 is pushing for the same. Moving forward, what counts, is our represented employees, our capabilities, and our partnership with the companies to achieve a satisfied workforce. We did see an unfortunate RIF at L3 late in 2017 due to lack of work and made ensured the proper process was followed. The ASPEP leadership continues to engage for the fairness and well-being of our members including recognition as world-class engineers and scientists and providing a voice to the companies for which we work.

We understand that our companies value our importance and we retain our identity with due recognition. We concluded successful negotiations with L3, and this year we concentrate on LM, having concluded and signed a new CBA for LM Services last year, ASPEP continues to collaborate with the companies, retain our job base, and strive to implement mutual solutions that satisfy our Customers’ needs. We protect our membership benefits recognizing the economic realities in our country that drive affordability considerations.

As always, I will continue to bring my background experience and understanding of the ever-changing military acquisition policies in a highly competitive environment to lead our highly skilled membership. I look to provide clear and timely communications to our membership, listen, and act on member concerns. I will work relentlessly with both companies to maintain and nurture our professional relationship for our members. I take pride in my professional achievements and established ASPEP relationships and will continue to leverage my personal associations with the leadership of our companies to our mutual benefit.

I am available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to drop me a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I greatly appreciate the chance to continue to serve and respectfully seek your vote to re-elect me as your President of ASPEP.