Michael Esler

LM Engineering Services Grievance and Membership Chairperson

  • BSME, The College of New Jersey
  • LM Engineer since 2007
  • ASPEP Member since 2007
  • ASPEP Councilperson 2010 to 2017
  • Grievance Committee – 7 years


It has been my pleasure to serve you all over the past six months as LM Engineering Services Grievance and Membership Chairperson. As a member of the newly formed ES bargaining unit I have seen firsthand the challenges faced and sacrifices made by my fellow ES Engineers. I have witnessed over recent years a constant struggle to meet contract rates, repeated miscommunication from Human Resources, as well as the complete restructuring of how we perform our engineering duties. Because of this I recognized last year the necessity for passionate leadership as we continue down this untrodden path.

It has been only six months since I was appointed to the LM ES Grievance and Membership Chairperson position by the Executive Board. In that brief amount of time I have assisted multiple new ES hires become acclimated to their new positions and benefits, participated in multiple Human Resources meetings, and brought the concerns of ES directly to the Executive Board.

It has been my honor to serve all the passionate engineers in the ES bargaining group and if given the opportunity I would proudly continue to represent my colleagues in SI&T. Thank you for your continued support.