John Becker


  • BA Physics, Rutgers University, 1989
    MSEE, Drexel University, 1993
    Graduate GE Edison Engineering Program
  • LMES, Weapons Control Systems, LM-RMS
  • ASPEP Member – 27 years
  • Council Representative – 23 years
  • Grievance Committee – 7 years
  • LM Negotiating Committee – 10 years


Serving on the Executive board this past year, I have had the privilege of working with other board and council members and the leadership of LM and L3 to enforce contract terms, address members questions and concerns in a timely fashion, welcome members of the new LM SI&T control group, negotiate a new agreement with L3, and less fortunately handle the recent layoffs at L3. In all of this, one thing stood out: ASPEP represented engineers continue to benefit from stability in negotiated benefits and compensation and have an advocate for their professional and fair treatment when workplace issues arise.

Major defense companies continue to thrive as the market, including the defense sector, reaches record highs while emerging threats across the globe increase demands for proven products and solutions from our respective companies.  The business outlook for defense continues to be strong and we support our employers in their efforts to grow our business.

In the upcoming negotiations at LM, I will work to push for mutually beneficial solutions that retain our competitive job base, while protecting membership benefits and fair terms of employment defined by our collective voice. With your support I look forward to continuing to represent and serve my fellow engineers.


Johnn Becker