Zeb Coffman


Lockheed Martin Moorestown 2000-2020
Lockheed Martin Syracuse 1998-1999
AMP Incorporated 1997
Harley-Davidson Motor Company 1995-1996
• ASPEP Negotiating Committee 2015-2020
• ASPEP Membership Committee 2014-2020
• ASPEP Council Representative 2012-2015, 2017


Pennsylvania State University, Electrical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania, Telecommunications
Drexel University, MBA
Professional Engineer, NJ
Engineering Leadership Development Program


It has been an honor to serve as the ASPEP Member-at-Large for the past five years. I have done my best in continuing to fulfill my obligations to the ASPEP membership, along with my fellow Executive Board members.
The past year continued to see a significant increase in the hiring of engineers (over 330!), and I continued to execute the responsibilities of Member-at-Large with performing orientations for new hires and transfers, seeking volunteers to serve as Council Representatives, and assisting engineers with resolving questions and concerns, among other responsibilities while serving on the Membership Committee.
2020 continues to present more challenges, including the hiring of another 200 engineers \to fulfil the understaffed programs at RMS and ATL, and continued implementation of our 5-year Collective Bargaining Agreement.
The experiences while serving on the Executive Board, Council, and the Negotiating and Membership Committees drive my commitment to ensure that the scientists and engineers at Moorestown understand the value of having a Professional Association that will work with the company to achieve the best contract possible for the engineering community as a whole under current market conditions.
If re-elected, it is my goal to continue to ensure that all new hires understand the importance of being a dues-paying member in our Association. I will also continue to reach out to current non-dues paying members and educate them so that they understand the benefits they are receiving as a result of ASPEP membership’s continued commitment to secure the best economic, health care, and retirement and pension plans for the 2,000+ engineers at RMS and ATL.
I look forward to a renewed opportunity to serve our membership. I appreciate your support. Thank you.