Cliff Young

EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION: Grievance Chairman, MST, Main Plant


EDUCATION: BSEE Rutgers University, New Brunswick

COMPANY EXPERIENCE: 34 Year Moorestown Engineer

LM RMS Grievance Committee Member since 2003
LM RMS Negotiating Committee Member since 2000
LM RMS Negotiating Committee Ad Hoc Member starting 1995
Budget Committee Member since 2001
ASPEP Council Rep or Alternate since 1985

Having served on the Grievance Committee for 13 years I have the experience and background necessary for the Grievance Chairperson role. I have interfaced with Management and HR on behalf of individual ASPEP members.  in my 21 years of Negotiating Committee membership I have advocated for the entire LM RMS ASPEP population.  I have been privileged to perform these roles on behalf of the ASPEP members. 

Cliff Young