Dariush Molavi

EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION:  L3 Grievance Chairperson
COMPANY EXPERIENCE: L3 2005 - present

     Member since 2010
     Negotiating Committee since 2017


During my time at L3, I have come to work on a variety of programs, with a variety of engineersDuring my time at L3, I have come to work on a variety of programs, with a variety of engineersacross the skill centers. Through these interactions, I’ve listened to what people enjoy about lifeat L3, and what they would like changed or improved.

As part of the L3 Negotiating Committee for the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Iwas given an opportunity to take what I heard over the years, and apply it as inputs to themonths of internal ASPEP discussions and six days of ASPEP/L3 negotiations. My time on thenegotiating committee was educational, and I gained a greater appreciation of the lengthsASPEP and its board go to, ensuring that the engineers are represented fairly.

Shortly after negotiations completed, I was appointed to the Grievance Committee, and havebeen learning the process and procedures for ensuring that an engineer’s concerns are handledin a timely, efficient, and fair manner. The current Grievance Chairperson has been a guide andmentor through the process.

I realize the upcoming Performance Review period is a time of stress for some engineers, and isa common cause of grievances with the company. It is during this period that communicationbetween the engineer and his/her manager is key - key for the engineer to communicate all thatthey have accomplished over the year, and key for the manager to clearly explain the engineer’sranking and review. Good communication can often clear up any misunderstandings that mayoccur during this process. Regardless of whether an engineer pursues a grievance or not, theinitial discovery can often open up channels of communication, leading to valuable discussionsbetween the engineer and manager.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the L3 engineering community as the GrievanceChairperson. Thank you for your support.

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