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Paul Tomkiewicz

 Executive Board Position: L3T Membership Chairperson



Intern, Hardware Engineering, L-3 Communications, Summer 2006
Senior Member Engineering Staff, Systems Engineering, L3 Technologies,
2007- Present ( 12 years)
Bachelor of Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rowan University, 2006


ASPEP Service History:

Lifetime dues-paying member
Councilperson/ Alternate Councilperson
Current member ASPEP Negotiating Committee (2 contracts: 2013 & 2017)
Election Committee

 Paul Tomkiewicz



The departure of our previous L3 Membership Chairperson, Nick Gaudio, has created a vacancy for this position on the ASPEP Executive Board. I have been nominated for this position
by my fellow members, and so I am respectfully requesting your vote.

I believe the primary responsibility of the L3 Membership Chairperson in 2019 and beyond will be to increase membership, both for new hires as well as within the existing employee
base. I believe the way to do this is to actively solicit input from ASPEP-represented engineers, both dues-paying and non-dues paying, on what’s working well and what’s not working
so well, and bring this input to the Executive Board to help focus our efforts as an organization. In short, I will represent you.

I will work with the rest of the Executive Board, the Membership Committee, Council representatives, and all of our members in actively promoting the benefits of membership in ASPEP.
Increasing membership is in the best interest of the entire bargaining unit. I pledge to continue working within the L3 community to promote membership in ASPEP and support its members.

I will listen and understand whatever issues you bring to my attention, and I give you my commitment that I will serve to the best of my ability.

Please give me your support by voting for me to represent you as your next L3 Membership Chairperson.

Thank You