Barbara Munn

Membership/Information Specialist


Barbara joined the ASPEP staff on June 26, 1989 as a “Computer Operator”.

Barbara works with Coordinators, Council Reps and Members to keep the ASPEP database and Council lists up to date and make distributions go as smoothly as possible.  She assists in the creation and merging of council groups, helps recruit replacement reps and coordinators as needed. She also inputs data from company reports pertaining to new hires, promotions, transfers, terminations and company dues files .

As the primary person charged with maintaining the ASPEP website, Barbara can help you with usernames, passwords, and the location of information on the ASPEP site.  Articles or timely information you would like considered for posting on the website can be sent to her.

Members can call the office or email Barbara with questions about their council group assignment, website assistance or any ASPEP-related issue. 


Undergraduate Degree
BA, Geology, Rutgers-Camden, 1969